Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Ability That Is Absent in Men

All this while, there is one thing that i just can't figure it out.
Why are girls so good at getting what they want/desire and how do they do it?

Ok here is a senario...
A girl walks into a bar. All she has to do is dress up slutty. Like showing a portion of their cleavage and men would come towards you the next thing you know you have got yourself a free drink! I mean men can't do that. Men can't just wear pants that show a portion of their penis and go running around from bars to bars. Lol

Another thing i just couldn't figure it out. If girls are so good at getting what they want and bargaining, why are most of the business people in the world men? Lol. I just can't get it

To all girls who are reading this post:
Don't take this so seriously kay? This is totally not an insulting post. I'm just telling you all that I admire your abilities to do so. BUT THAT DOSEN'T MEAN I WANNA BE A GIRL. I still prefer being a guy. Maybe its because life as a guy is simpler.

B4 i leave,

Happy 16th Birthday Felix!

P.S: Feel free to comment.

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