Thursday, January 22, 2009


21... the age when we become adults, get more freedom, and most of all... LEGAL AGE FOR DRINKING ALCOHOL. Theres so many new things that we are able to do at 21. for a new government...JOINING THE AMAZING RACE, yeah babe. *sigh* sadly its yet to happen in 5 more challenging, thrilling years, i hope. I'm sure you are wondering why am i talking about this right now, well so do i. I don't know, it just suddenly come through my mind. Maybe its because of sam's speech about Time Quadrants in english period, telling us how to manage time, and our future more efficiently. That was quite a speech. Honestly i think he has potential to become a good public speaker. A weird thing happened today.

Pn.Norliza Me

Saya sangat tension hari ini! Kalau u dah pandai, tak payahlah bising!


Kalau saya tension saya panas.


Kalau saya "hot" saya akan stress.

zzzzzz -_-"

She really has to find a new way to scold students. Lolz

off for some beer......

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