Saturday, January 31, 2009

Give me a break...

Whats up guys. Sorry for the late update. Been extremely busy lately. Just came back from Johor Bahru two days ago, rather boring, angpaus and food are the most exciting part, spent most of the time slacking.

As you all know the economy is facing a recession now, this ultimately caused my total angpau money to reduce by...... HALF!! >.< Wth. But its ok, i can double that sum by gambling ^^

So I went to benwei's house yesterday. Did nth much, except gambling^^, won 10 bucks, hell yeah! After having lunch at ou, went straight to relative's house. Also gambling and beer^^, won another 5 bucks there. Lol (You guys must hate me so much now). Last stop, weinee's house. Had a gathering with group of friends. For the first time i saw weinee do house chores. Lol. Learnt how to play mahjung. Its fun. But of course its more fun with money. Thats the only thing new that i encounter so far this year... Besides that, nth much. Back to gambling and beer^^. Won 5 bucks in one single round of black jack! broke my previous record of 3. Won 13 in total. (:

1) Beer is nice^^
2) Gambling can earn you a handful of money.
3) Weinee is the best black jack banker. (Thx for the 5 bucks!)

Finally I can have a rest now and do my homework, haven't touched it since the start of the holidays...

So, Ciao!

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