Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheer up MU fans!

We may lose this round, but we will never give up. Theres always next year. We did our best and it has been a long journey to the finals. We had been thru many set backs and i'm sure we will not let this one break our spirit. Stay strong my dear MU fans...

Ok wth??? Exams is over!!! Now i can finally drink some beer ;) Tonnes of movies to catch up. Need to practise very hard to be able to qualify to perform in Malam Bakat 09'. Damn it we need to perform full dance in the audition.

P.S: 017-6060488, 012-3447617, 012-9078708 If anyone of you know the person of this number, pls leave name in the comment box. F***ing stalkers keep asking me to "shang chuang" with them.

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