Sunday, May 31, 2009


First of all congrats to Chelsea for beating Everton 2-1 to become the champions of the FA Cup 08/09 season! Great job.

I just love the word "relax". Especially after the Seems-like-forever-mid-term-exams is over. Went to tropicana to chill out in the pool with friends...

From left: Wei Nee, Jade, Daniel, Me, Geraldine
On top: Ben
From left: Amanda, Me, Jade Daniel
On top: Geraldine

The lightest guy and girl supported by Daniel and I. Lol. To be honest they are not light at all! >.<
I'm so damn sleepy.... Off to sleep now. Au revoir!
P.S: Those people (not you guys) just won't leave me alone... -.-"
Edited later that evening...
This will crack you up...
No deal! Lol

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